Weekly Highlights for April 14

Catch up on the latest advancement news worldwide, the latest CASE news, trending discussions on CASE communities and content shared by member institutions.


6 ways to engage alumni using Facebook Live—From Q&A sessions with professors to streaming homecoming events, institutions are leveraging Facebook technology in creative ways.

Politicians on college campuses—Here’s how U.S. institutions prepare for visits from public figures.

What’s the future of college marketing?—The “typical” college student is shifting. How can colleges use data to keep up?

Survey confirms immigration fears turning students away from U.S. higher ed—A new survey indicates that international students are increasingly wary of studying in the U.S.

Want to hawk coffee on campus? Not without internships—Campuses push for creative partnerships with food vendors.


Trending in CASE Communities

Shared By CASE Members

How can students make the most of their time at California Baptist University? Here’s a primer.

Follow a day in the life of Olympic champion swimmer Adam Peaty at Loughborough University.

The Purdue University Alumni Association reflects on alumni legacies.

The University of Michigan is celebrating its bicentennial. Here’s a snapshot of some noted alumni.

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