Student-Run Social Accounts: The Fun & the Challenges

Campus scenery. Students in their finest school spirit gear at basketball games. Spring break snapshots. Puppies.

The @DukeStudents Instagram account from Duke University features the typical elements of a great higher education social feed. But it’s entirely run by student editors.


Student-run social accounts can be great opportunities for content—but they can come with some risk, according to Sonja Likness, director of social media & content strategy at the Durham, North Carolina, institution. At CASE’s U.S. Social Media and Community conference this April, she’ll present on the good, bad and (sometimes) ugly of student-run social accounts.


Join us for our next #casesmc Twitter chat on Tuesday, March 26, to swap ideas with Likness and fellow social pros about working with students on social. Here’s what we’ll be asking:

  • What’s your school or unit’s approach to student-run social media accounts? Do you have them? Are they separate from your institutional accounts, or do you do takeovers?
  • What are the greatest benefits of student-run accounts? How can they contribute to your broader social goals?
  • What are the biggest challenges of having student-run accounts? Lessons learned?
  • What are some of the major dos and don’ts for student accounts? What ground rules do you give your students?
  • Do you have a formal student social media team or ambassadors? If so, what are your best tips for working with them?
  • How do you recruit students to work with? What traits/skills do you look for?

The chat is 2-3 p.m. (Eastern) on Twitter with the hashtag #casesmc. Here are more instructions to participate.



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