Weekly Highlights for Jan. 29

Advancement News

Facing growing scrutiny, colleges set out to prove their value—U.S. colleges and universities are taking new approaches to demonstrate their efficiency and economic impact.

Community colleges power up video game programs—More U.S. community colleges offer video game art, programming and simulation courses.

Donors get dibs in higher ed—U.S. institutions walk a line when managing donor expectations. CASE’s Reporting Standards & Management guidelines offer a framework.

Beijing eases policy for internships, post-study work—New Chinese policies will make it easier for international students to work, hold internships and start businesses there.


Trending on CASE Communities

What CASE Members Are Sharing

York University hosted a puppy palooza to help students de-stress and talk about mental health.


Pittsburg State University asks students what they’d do if they were president of the university.

Happy 125th birthday to the University of Central Oklahoma!

The University of Alberta is launching a massive open online course on the origins of birds. This video offers a class preview.

Rutgers University
is asking students to donate a photo for a good cause.


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