Weekly Highlights for Sept. 25

Read on for this week’s advancement news worldwide, the latest CASE news, trending discussions on CASE communities and content shared by member institutions. Have something to share? Add it in the comments.

Advancement News

Studies examine men. vs. women in giving—Research by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at Indiana University reveals that women and men prioritize different causes.

More than a revenue source—Some U.S. community colleges are exploring the benefits of the corporate college model.

Keeping remote college students connected—Virtual student unions keep online learners connected with campus and one another.

International students are happier with their experience in Ireland—A recent study indicates where international students studying in Europe have found the most satisfaction.

A simpler financial aid calculator spreads—A modified calculator that’s easier to use is catching on at institutions beyond Wellesley College, where it began.

CASE News and Resources

Trending on CASE Communities

What CASE Members Are Sharing

Bright idea: Here’s how Curtin University in Perth, Australia, is celebrating Loud Shirt Day, a campaign to raise support for deaf individuals.

Warm welcome: The University of Chicago welcomes the Class of 2019 in this timelapse video.

Speaking of timelapses: The University of Alaska Fairbanks shared this video from its Geophysical Institute’s all-sky camera.

Student spotlight: This Broward College student shares her journey returning to school for nursing.

The magic of fall: Alma College’s first day of fall photo has become its most popular Instagram post ever.

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