Get Buy-In for a Branding Campaign and Develop a Social Media Strategy (Day 2 at #AMAHigherED 2014)

Sarah Raezler (@sraezler) is a senior information resource specialist for CASE.

Today is the second day of the AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education, and the lineup of sessions covers everything from sponsorship marketing to branding campaigns to social media strategy. Like yesterday, I’ve selected CASE content that matches up with a few of today’s sessions:

Track 4: Enrollment Marketing Essentials by Matthew Ward and Pam Kiecker Royall

  • Does Your Marketing Deliver?” CURRENTS (September 2014) is an article by Rob Moore, partner at Lipman Hearne, on what he learned from his daughter’s college search

Track 1: The Faculty-Driven Brand by Timothy Hussey and Lisa Jordan

  • It’s Academic” CURRENTS (September 2012) is an article on the importance of engaging faculty and getting brand buy-in

Track 2: #FollowTheLeader: A Study of Best Practices in Social Media Use by University Presidents by Dan Zaiontz

  • Hail to the Tweeps” CURRENTS (November/December 2012) is an article by Michael Stoner, president of mStoner, on how higher ed presidents use social media to communicate and engage with students, faculty, staff, parents and the campus community

Track 2: Digital Content Curation as a Social Media Strategy by Thomas Listerman and Candice Novak

  • All in the Hamily” CURRENTS (September 2013) is an article by Jessica Krywosa, former director of interactive content strategy at Hamilton College, on Hamilton’s success with The Scroll, a moderated social media platform dependent on user-generated content

For more in-depth reading, CASE also has two books on key topics covered today:

I’ll be back tomorrow. Any insights from today’s content to share?

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