Checklists, principles and planning: Resources for marketing your institution (aka Day 1 at #AMAHigherED 2014)

Sarah Raezler (@sraezler) is a senior information resource specialist for CASE.

Greetings! The AMA Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education is taking place this week in Austin, Texas, with a jam-packed program of all things marketing and higher ed. I’m not at the conference, but I intend to live in the #AMAHigherEd tag to soak in the back channel.

There will be lots of resources, discussions and ideas flying thick and fast this week. In the spirit of that exchange, I wanted to identify resources connecting with conference sessions each day for reading now or, if you’re at the conference, for reading later when your head isn’t spinning.

Tutorial A: Basic Marketing for Higher Ed by Tom Hayes

Tutorial B: Developing an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan by Bob Sevier

Tutorial C: The Power of Data by Christie Harper and Jeff Papa

  • Getting to Know U” CURRENTS (March 2012) is an article by Terry Flannery, vice president for communication at American University, discussing how AU developed a brand strategy that was original, authentic and representative of AU’s distinctive personality

The full AMA Symposium program is available online, as are all of CASE’s resources on marketing topics. Visit the “Marketing Browse by Professional Interest page and check the subtopics in the menu to the left, such as “Branding” and “Online Marketing.”

Each day this week I will be posting more resources, so I’ll see you here tomorrow. I hope the first day of the conference is extraordinary!

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