New Ideas for Sharing News

From scientific breakthroughs to sports victories to fresh dining hall offerings, educational institutions share a lot of news stories.

That’s both a blessing and curse, says Colorado State University’s Kimberly Stern.

“[Our PR team is] really good at their jobs,” writes Stern, director of social and digital media at CSU, in a blog post. “[But] due to the sheer volume of stories and their varying degree of subject matter, sharing them on social has been tricky.”

Universities disseminate news in a variety of ways. Some rely on a dedicated, news-only Twitter account; some are now breaking news on Snapchat or Facebook Live; others use Tumblr to showcase research findings. What’s the most effective strategy?
#casesmc chat (27)

This is our starting point for the Tuesday, Dec. 12, #casesmc chat on sharing news, moderated by Stern. Ultimately, she and her team decided to launch a new Facebook page and use a fresh Twitter strategy to share news. Join us to hear about why they made that call and discuss platforms, boosting engagement and measuring the success of your news-sharing strategy.

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