Weekly Highlights for Oct. 14

Catch up on the latest advancement news worldwide, the latest CASE news, trending discussions on CASE communities and content shared by member institutions.

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Advancement News

Telephone fundraising increasingly ineffective for universities—Phone calls are now less successful for raising money, according to higher education leaders.

Colleges pay millions to host a presidential debate—Winning the right to host a U.S. presidential debate is an expensive victory.

UK universities fight back with #weareinternational—Post Brexit, a globally focused campaign is becoming a unified refrain among European universities.

6 questions today’s admissions and marketing should be asking—A new study analyzes prospective students’ online-based research habits and how they inform admissions and marketing.

Liberal arts ‘have bigger role to play in Asian higher education’—A recent paper explores how Asian universities should address the diverse needs of students.


Trending in CASE Communities

Shared By CASE Members

Here’s a day in the life of Indiana University’s Marching Hundred drum major.

Ruff week? The University of Western Australia has you covered with dog research.

Utah Valley University goes behind the scenes of its Roots of Knowledge stained glass project.

At the University of Tulsa, an English professor weighs in on Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize win.

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