Weekly Highlights for April 15

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Gamification, personalization and continued education are trending in edtech—Institutions are turning to apps and other tech solutions to meet students’ needs.

Aging prospects are giving online—Donors 60 and older are just as likely to give online as those younger than 40, a new survey indicates.

India ranks its universities for the first time—India grapples with how to measure and improve the prestige of its 744 recognized universities.

Retirement wave keeps rolling—More than 80 percent of community college CEOs plan to retire within 10 years.

Don’t give up on philanthropy, Young Universities Summit told—International fundraising is challenging but not impossible, according to a university president at a recent summit.

Community colleges, seeking profit abroad, face pushback at home—Some U.S. community colleges face criticism as they recruit overseas.


Trending in CASE Communities

Shared by CASE Members

Jugglers, engineers, horseback riders, quidditch players: this University of Guelph video has it all.

The Deposit Fairy paid a visit to Houston Baptist University.

Meet the sweetest students on campus at Dartmouth College.

Oxford Brookes University shared this student success story.

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