Weekly Highlights for April 1


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International student enrolment up by 12 percent last year—Higher education institutes in Malaysia saw a 12 percent increase in the enrolment of international students last year.

Need a college scholarship? There’s an app for that—Raise.me, a college scholarship app, rewards high school students for their advanced classes and extracurricular activities with “micro-scholarships.”

International STEM Students Benefit from Visa Extensions—“It’s the best news ever!” Comments similar to this flooded message threads between international students on WeChat, a social messaging app, following news that the Department of Homeland Security would extend visa terms for students holding degrees in science and math.

The Best Higher Education April Fool’s Day Stories in Times Higher Education mentions the University of Glasgow, Edge Hill University, the University of Nottingham, and Queens University Belfast.



What Members are Sharing

Campus fun on April Fools’ Day:

Florida State University announced a merger with their big rival.

Bryn Mawr College announced an environmentally sound replacement for its email platform.

Virginia Commonwealth University added a new admissions criteria.



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