Weekly Highlights for March 4

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Study calls for better data analytics for recruitment and retention—A new U.K. study highlights how important data systems will become in the next five years.

Philosophy for welders—Some U.S. community college professors and administrators advocate for all students to take liberal arts classes.

God, Wall Street and the new push to save U.S. Catholic schools—Amid declining enrollment, Catholic schools turn to entrepreneurs and fundraisers for support.

More women in senior university jobs, says report—Though still outnumbered by men, many more women are taking leadership positions at institutions around the globe.

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House of Cards protagonist Frank Underwood is modeled partially on Lyndon B. Johnson. Can you master this “Who Said It?” quiz crafted by Johnson’s alma mater, Texas State University?

What’s in the big red gift box at the University of Maryland? Watch and find out.

Perhaps inspired by Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Northwestern University launched ‘Cats in Cars, where alumni share favorite campus memories while golf carting.

Nova Scotia Community College is showcasing student stories in its Strive video series. Here are two of them.

There’s a new student at the University of Sydney

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