Resource Roundup: Branding & Marketing

CASE’s Annual Conference on Marketing and Branding, which wrapped up last week in Marina del Ray, California, explored the key ingredients of creating and communicating a successful brand. Dig deeper with these essential CASE resources—including samples, articles and podcasts—on the conference’s hot topics.

Building Your Brand

Review: Samples and tools in our branding resource collection.


  • Getting to Know U.”  Terry Flannery, vice president for communication at American University, tells the story behind the institution’s brand campaign in CURRENTS magazine.
  • It’s Academic.”  Ideas to bring faculty into institutional branding efforts in CURRENTS magazine
  • Identity Crisis.” Jason Simon, vice president at SimpsonScarborough, explains in CURRENTS how the University of California system built a brand identity but lost a logo along the way.
  • Relative Harmony.” CURRENTS magazine offers ideas to foster balance in your institution’s brand family.
  • Engage Internal Audiences in Branding Efforts.” This Advancement Weekly story examines how advancement leaders can involve students, faculty and staff in branding campaigns.
  • Expert Reveals Guiding Principles for a Successful Rebranding Effort.” A CASE member outlines five key rebranding tactics in BriefCASE.
  • Keeping ‘Community’ in the College Name.” Simplicity and consistency matter in community colleges’ branding, according to this Community College Advancement News piece.
  • Playing the Name Game.” Name changes at community colleges can be tricky, says a CASE member in this Community College Advancement News article.

Listen: “Creating Internal Buy-in for a Marketing Plan.” Listen to Tristan Davies, director of communications at the Commonwealth School, talk marketing in this Advancement Talk podcast.

Marketing and Recruitment

Review: Samples and tools in our student recruitment resource collection.


Doing More with Less

Review: Samples organizational charts in our resource collection.


ROI and Measurement


  • Proving Your Success.” CURRENTS editor Theresa Walker examines the ins and outs of return on investment.
  • Show Your Worth.” This CURRENTS piece investigates how institutions are crunching numbers to demonstrate their value.
  • Metrics and Social Media: Twitter Chat Recap. This #casesmc chat, co-moderated by Liz Gross at Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, looks at how to measure efforts on social media.

Social Media


Listen: “How to Integrate Digital Strategy into a Comprehensive Marketing Plan.” Hear Rachel Reuben’s tips in this Advancement Talk podcast.

Creativity and Marketing

Review: Student recruitment samples and branding resources from CASE Circle of Excellence Award winners.


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  1. This conference will be happening in 2016, but there’s been a change in the dates. The new date will be posted to soon.

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