CASE Members Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Every year at Valentine’s Day, CASE members celebrate with their students and alumni in creative ways on campus and on social media. We’ve rounded up Valentine’s celebrations from several schools. Don’t see your school or have something to add? (We know there are many more examples out there.) Please share in the comments.

Share other examples in the comments.

6 responses to “CASE Members Celebrate Valentine’s Day

  1. Here’s how we celebrated at Harvard this year:

  2. California State University, Dominguez Hills promoted a Valentine’s campaign push for its faculty/staff-led student support fund. We asked those who donated to take their picture with an ‘I Heart CSUDH Students’ Instagram-style picture board and/or write Torograms of encouragement. We posted a collage of some of the pictures on Facebook and posted some of the Torograms in the comment section of that picture.

  3. Social Valentine’s cards + emojis at West Virginia University.

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