Weekly Highlights for Feb. 6

Check out this week’s advancement news worldwide, the latest CASE news, trending discussions on CASE communities and content shared by member institutions. Have something to share? Add it in the comments.

Advancement News

  • At universities, a push for data-driven career services—Officials at the University of California, San Diego, had sparse information on the career success of their graduates until they set up a branded page for the university on LinkedIn a couple of years ago. Within three months of setting up the university page, LinkedIn connections surfaced information on 92,000 alumni.
  • Colleges raised a record $1.26-billion for sports in 2014—Wealthy donors are fueling a boom in gifts to major-college sports programs, with the biggest athletics departments reporting a total of more than $1-billion in donations last year, according to a survey released this week by the Council for Aid to Education. It’s the third time in the past four years that sports gifts have topped $1-billion.
  • The ticket to longevity—In the following piece, Iris Krasnow, an assistant professor in the School of Professional and Extended Studies at American University in Washington D.C., writes about her own transition from teaching undergraduates to teaching courses for older women and why lifelong learning is vital — even for people in their ’90s.
  • Commercial interests must not compromise education—Academic unions and university associations around the world have long expressed concern that the spread of free trade and other commercial agreements between nations was likely to profoundly impact on their higher education systems.
  • Japan the new destination for higher education, research—While there is no dearth of students from China and Vietnam in its universities, the low number of students from India has made the government of Japan focus on the issue. As a result, it is making all out efforts to double the number and has also removed the barrier of language to attract ‘Indian young intellect’ to its universities.

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