Weekly CASE Highlights for Jan. 30

Check out this week’s advancement news worldwide, the latest CASE news, trending discussions on CASE communities and videos shared by member institutions. Have something to share? Add it in the comments.

Advancement News

CASE News and Resources

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What CASE Members Are Sharing

Moses Brown School Closing Viral Video. You’ve probably already seen this–it was everywhere on social media and picked up by numerous media outlets including Time Magazine, Associated Press  and NPR.

Universite de Moncton put out this video (in French) showing student life, which went viral thanks to a shot of two students kissing in the library. Marc Angers, director of communications, talks about the impact of the video with CBC.

This video from New York University’s Momentum Campaign received a gold Excellence Award from District I.

This video from the University of Virginia introduces viewers to a beloved economics professor, hot rod collector and author who has taught at the school since 1967.


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