Lesson 244 New Leadership for Global Education

Larry Lauer is vice chancellor emeritus at Texas Christian University, and senior fellow in TCU’s John V. Roach Honors College and Bob Schieffer College of Communication. He is also adjunct fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a non-partisan think tank in Washington, DC. 

Governments are changing their roles in higher education. Some are cutting back overall support, and others are investing selectively. Technology is dramatically changing how we teach, as well as how we explain our institutions to the world. And at the same time, globalization is turning academia into a truly global industry.

Now one of education’s most international associations, the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) is about to become even more global by announcing the appointment of Sue Cunningham, vice-principal for advancement at the University of Melbourne, as its new president.

Cunningham will follow one of the most successful presidents in CASE history, John Lippincott. For the last eleven years Lippincott built on the association’s US and European operations by adding major offices and initiatives in Asia and Latin America. And what’s more, he will also be leaving the association on a strong financial foundation…well positioned for industry leadership.

Cunningham brings a stunning background to CASE just at the right time. Beginning her career at St Andrews University, she then led advancement for Oxford University’s best known college, Christ Church, and eventually opened Oxford’s first China office. She has had a truly international career. With 17 years of global experience she is perfectly suited to lead CASE into a very challenging and exciting future.

I have described “advancement” to include all those managers, administrators and academics in colleges, universities and schools responsible for leading the advancement of institutions into a complicated future. This would include presidents, chancellors, head masters, provost’s, deans, student affairs professionals and more. And front and center with them will be the CASE member institutions and professionals in fund-raising, marketing, communication, alumni relations, and government affairs.

As the industry adjusts to dramatic changes in government support, technology, and economic forces, these dedicated professionals will be front and center solving the problems, seizing the opportunities, and leading the way. CASE is the place where everyone can come together to take advantage of education’s incredible potential.

For some time, I have been imagining a future where institutions will gradually focus their research, teaching, and consulting expertise on solving the world’s problems, helping nations rebuild, and educating a generation of leaders with truly global perspectives and sensitivities.

The good news for CASE members is that those with experience and exceptional expertise in all areas of institutional advancement will have renewed and exciting career opportunities. And president-elect Sue Cunningham has the broad international experience necessary to integrate and mobilize this talent. CASE is now perfectly positioned to play a leading role in helping to shape this global education industry that has so much international potential.

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