Weekly CASE Highlights for 10/17/2014

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Advancement News

Is university the place to learn to be an entrepreneur?Campuses across the country are racing to provide homes for budding entrepreneurs – incubators, labs, accelerators, and classes where students with business ideas can connect with others of their species, and receive mentoring and advice from senior business people. But as they do so, some observers are expressing caution, questioning whether the programs are proliferating before universities know how to teach entrepreneurship successfully, or even if it can be taught at all.

International students in the UK: who are they really?Myths and stereotypes abound, but we seldom hear the voices of students who’ve come to the UK from around the world.

The industries hiring the most college grads in 2015A new survey from Michigan State University has some great news for college students who will be graduating with bachelor’s degrees in 2015: hiring for new graduates is expected to jump by 16% next year. Since it was conducted between Aug. 15 and Sept. 23, and the 5,700 employers in the poll were asked about plans for students who will finish school in the spring of 2015, the numbers could go even higher, says Phil Gardner, director of Michigan State’s College Employment Research Institute (CERI), which conducted the survey.

Berkeley City College and mayor’s office create Pathway to College programThe new partnership, called the Pathway, is between student ambassadors and ambassador alumni from Berkeley City College, or BCC, and Bates, and it is designed to educate students in middle schools, high schools and community programs about attending community college or higher education institutions.

Moocs ‘will not transform education’, says FutureLearn chiefMassive open online courses will not transform education or destroy the university system, and their potential to disrupt has been overhyped, according to the head of the UK Mooc platform FutureLearn.

Survey reveals that higher education remains a top priority for recent college graduatesMore recent college graduates are pursuing advanced degrees or planning to attend graduate school within the next year to remain competitive in the job market, according to a Thursday survey published by CareerBuilder.

What did this scholar learn from his deep dive into the world of billionaires?We write about billionaires and their philanthropy almost every day here at IP, and so we’ve been intrigued by Darrell West’s new book, Billionaires: Reflections on the Upper Crust. In our conversation, West talked about “new models of giving that are starting to transform contemporary philanthropy.”

Refute ‘private good, public bad’ claims, UC Berkeley toldHard times for state-funded institutions require forceful restatement of their benefits to society, Simon Marginson says in Clark Kerr Lecture.

Preventing a ‘Digital Landfill’University libraries need to advocate for government openness and electronic record keeping, speakers during the Association of Research Libraries fall membership conference implored on Wednesday, or risk the digital landscape’s becoming a “digital landfill.”

CASE News and Resources

Diane Shoger, William Crowe and Mike Barzacchini share thoughts on involving presidents in fundraising efforts, during the CASE Conference for Community College Advancement 2014 in Sacramento, CA.

Blog posts

Social Media Ambassadors Drive Event Engagement—What do people gather around in social media? Real-time events.

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