Weekly CASE Highlights for 10/10/2014

Check out this week’s advancement news worldwide, the latest CASE news and trending discussions on CASE communities.

Advancement News

Two-year MBAs still the gold standard—Full-time, two-year MBA programs worldwide edged out their one-year counterparts in terms of growth, according to new application trends for 2014 analyzed by the Graduate Management Admission Council.

Attention Brands: This Is How You Get Millennials to Like You—Looking at what resonates with most marketers’ dream demo.

How to beat the post-graduation blues—There’s an endless amount of articles that detail the typical university experiences—binge drinking, random hook-ups, all-nighters—but there aren’t many (any) discussions about what happens after we take off the cap and gown.

The tricks—and the stigma—of the trades—Universities have always been rightly concerned about their reputations. But the conversion in recent years to the language of branding has reached a fever pitch.

Educators still trying to attract more women to technology, science fields—Growing up, Ruqaiyah Baksh always wanted to be a chemical engineer. But once she got to high school, the 17-year-old straight-A student reconsidered, and now she hopes to study business at university instead. Ms. Baksh is part of a stubborn trend, one that has educators and industry leaders scratching their heads as to how to attract women to jobs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Big donors want self-sustaining projects—Charitable giving by the wealthiest individuals in the world has increased to levels not seen since before the Great Recession, according financial research firms Wealth-X and Arton Capital.

CASE News and Resources

CASE names the participants of its 2014 Minority Advancement Institute, which takes place Nov. 17-18 in Washington, D.C.

Kathleen Guy with the Eaton Cummings Group took a moment to share advice on how to improve the culture of a foundation board and two legislative experts from the Virginia Community College System share thoughts on communicating and engaging with legislators, during the CASE Conference for Community College Advancement 2014 in Sacramento, CA.

CASE Communities-Trending Discussions

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