CASE ASAP’s Inaugural Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day

Robyn Neeley (@CASEASAP) is the program manager for CASE Affiliated Student Advancement Programs.

One day…global impact!

On Feb. 28, thousands of college students from around the world will participate in CASE ASAP’s Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day—and shine the spotlight on the important role that students play in providing philanthropy awareness at their institutions.

More than 100 student advancement organizations are currently putting the finishing touches on their activities for Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day. Many, including the examples below, have a social media component to create awareness, connect alumni and students, build school loyalty and educate students on the importance of philanthropy.

  • Indiana University of Pennsylvania Student Ambassadors (Indiana, Pa.) will ask students to share why they are thankful for their IUP experience by sending tweets to #YourIUP.
  • Kansas State University Student Foundation (Manhattan, Kansas) is launching #WhyIGive on Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day, asking students to tweet the reasons why they give. The Student Foundation will host a booth in the student union where students can post messages to Twitter about why they give back through philanthropy.


  • Seattle Pacific University (Seattle, Wash.) is launching I ♥ SPU Week with a flood of activity on its  Facebook page with the goal of encouraging students to engage with the university, learn its traditions and make a gift in support of fellow students in need. Students are encouraged to comment on Facebook and tweet to #spulove.
  • Seton Hall University Student Alumni Association (South Orange, N.J.) is holding a social media contest, asking alumni to show current students why loyalty and involvement are important after graduation.  Alumni are encouraged to post pictures sharing their Pirate pride or give a testimonial on why they have chosen a life-long relationship with Seton Hall via Twitter and Instagram using #SHULoyal.


  • Transylvania University (Lexington, Ky.) students will take over the alumni Facebook page to personally thank alumni for their support. Students can post directly to the Facebook page or send a message to the alumni office for posting.
  • University of Birmingham (Birmingham, U.K.) will place "tags" around campus advertising the impact of philanthropy on the institution. Students will take photographs of the tag campaign and tweet them @birminghamalum and @unibirmingham twitter accounts.
  • University of Brighton (Brighton, U.K.) will hold "A Day of Thanks" where student recipients of philanthropic funding will thank donors in various ways, including writing thank you messages for donors and filming short videos and posting them to social media using #brightonthanks

Join CASE ASAP on Twitter (#StudentEngageDay) and follow thousands of students around the world as they make an impact on Feb. 28.  

What is your institution doing for Student Engagement and Philanthropy Day? Let us know in the comments.

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