Weekly Highlights for July 21

Catch up on the latest CASE news, trending discussions on CASE communities and content shared by member institutions.


In the latest Advancement Weekly: why success requires innovation and stability; the art of the stay interview; one question that creates empathy.

Here’s how universities highlight student orientation on social.

On the CASE blog: Peter Mathieson of the University of Hong Kong highlights how advancement professionals need to adapt to higher education’s changing future.

Our CASE Advancement Internship Program highlights diversity. Here’s how.

Today’s the deadline to apply for our #scholarship for early career pros to attend a CASE conference.

Our Asia-Pacific International Fundraising Study Tour is shaping up for the fall. Here’s a look inside the Beijing and Hong Kong-based program. (The early-bird deadline is July 31!)

Join us Tuesday, July 25, for a Twitter chat about podcasting, moderated by the hosts of Higher Ed Social: Lougan Bishop and Jackie Vertrano.

Trending in CASE Communities

Shared By CASE Members

Think you can dance? The University of Hertfordshire is exploring the Dance Sophistication Index.

Kings College London reviews LGBT rights from the 1500s to today.

Students in the University of New Brunswick’s arts co-op share their experiences.

La Roche College has hit the streets with trivia questions about Pittsburgh. Here’s one.

Here’s a snapshot of special summer camp program at the University of Washington.



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