Weekly Highlights for Sept. 2

Catch up on the latest advancement news worldwide, the latest CASE news, trending discussions on CASE communities and content shared by member institutions.

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Why college alumni don’t give to their alma maters: They think other charities need money more—A recent study examines alumni perceptions of institutions’ wealth.

How are international educators mastering social media?—Globally, educators and institutions grapple with social media challenges, from designing a strategy to overcoming language barriers.

What do adult students want from college?—More than 40 percent of Americans enrolled in colleges are adult learners. A focus group explores what these students need most.

Campus diversity improving, but remains work in progress—Protests have led to a number of changes at American institutions.


  • Nearly 1,000 advancement professionals convened in Brussels for the CASE Europe Annual Conference. This marks the first year the event has been held outside the U.K. Headliners included Robert Jan-Smits, director-general of research and innovation for the EU Commission, and Vince Cable, former U.K. Secretary of State for Business Innovation.
  • Hack your brain to be less forgetful—Advancement Weekly shows you how.
  • Also in Advancement Weekly: two reasons to become a morning person and one question to ask in moral dilemmas.
  • Fundraisers saw lower growth in 2016 but predict gains in 2017, according to CASE research.
  • Working with academic leaders on fundraising? These tips and ideas from the Development for Deans conference can steer your approach.
  • Independent Schools Awards nominations are due Friday, Sept. 9.

Trending in CASE Communities

Shared by CASE Members

Alumni from around the globe shared greetings with incoming Memorial University of Newfoundland students.

At George Mason University, George himself reminds students to hit the books.

Three users who follow Loyola Marymount University’s president will win prizes. Here’s how it’ll work.

Scotch College Adelaide’s principal films a weekly dispatch on what students are up to. Here’s one.

This walkthrough video at Oxford Brookes University gives a preview of graduation.

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