Weekly Highlights for April 29

Catch up on the latest advancement news worldwide, the latest CASE news, trending discussions on CASE communities and content shared by member institutions.

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The value of an hour of volunteering rises to $23.56—In the last year, the estimated value of an hour donated to a nonprofit increased 49 (U.S.) cents.

Fundraising regulation ‘could impact university-alumni relations’—New rules could make it more difficult for universities to develop ties with alumni, says CASE Europe’s executive director.

The Chinese study travel market boom—The study of Chinese as a foreign language has rapidly expanded around the globe.

17 crowdfunding sites bring millions in higher ed donations—These are the platforms institutions are using most.

Breaking free—U.S. initiatives to provide free community college are on the rise—especially under President Obama’s latest policies.


Trending in CASE Communities

What Members Are Sharing

How does Caltech produce so many breakthroughs? This video for the Caltech Campaign explores.

What’s on the ultimate University of Connecticut bucket list? Watch and learn.

This University of Sussex video weaves a story about students’ first year on campus.


A series of videos from the University of Michigan Alumni Association highlights how alumni connect with the association in various cities.

The University of Derby is prepping for a super family fun day.

Purdue University took a fresh approach for its Giving Day thank you video.



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