Weekly Highlights for April 8

Catch up on the latest advancement news worldwide, the latest CASE news, trending discussions on CASE communities and content shared by member institutions. Have something to share? Add it in the comments.


Many nonprofits in capital campaigns—A recent survey indicates the prominence of capital campaigns for many nonprofits. The average campaign goal is $45 million.

The impact of institutional collaboration on student success—U.S. two-year and four-year institutions both benefit when they can work more collaboratively, according to a higher education leader.

Some investors, universities see a return in fronting students’ tuition—Income-share agreements offer a new spin on college financing in the U.S.

Korea sees a 14 percent rise in foreign students—Many Korean institutions have implemented supports for incoming foreign students.

12 steps to building a culture of philanthropy—A new report defines a culture of philanthropy and offers ideas to bring stakeholders on board.

Young universities can have global impact—A U.K. analysis finds that, globally, newer universities can and are producing strong research and outcomes.


Trending on CASE Communities

Shared by CASE Members

Franklin & Marshall University’s alumni podcast explores what graduates have been up to. This episode features filmmaker Randy Wilkins.

For a local communities project, the University of Bristol created this animation about history.

Boston University had some fun with this Giving Day thank you video.

Meanwhile, Carthage College is ready to kick off its Giving Day.

Tom Hanks is visiting Wright State University. These students are prepared to catch him if they can.

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