Weekly Highlights for March 20

Check out this week’s advancement news worldwide, the latest CASE news, trending discussions on CASE communities and content shared by member institutions. Have something to share? Add it in the comments.

Advancement News

CASE News and Resources

Trending on CASE Communities

What CASE Members Are Sharing

Colorado State University launched Social CSU, a blog by its social media staff, chronicling on what they do and why.

McMaster University created a memory map, allowing donors to share memories of the institution. They can also share with the hashtag #McMasterMemory.

Brock University recently celebrated a new arrival on campus, a larger-than-life bronze sculpture of Sir Isaac Brock—weighing in at 1.5 metric tons and created in an Oregon foundry. The institution shared the details on its blog, Bringing the General Home.

University of Arizona’s pep band is taking over Instagram and Snapchat during March Madness.

University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh admissions uses Vine to send personalized congrats and welcome videos to admitted students.

Watch what happens when the University of Huddersfield unveils its ground-breaking invention—a time travel portal—during Open Day.


Professor Sir David Greenaway, vice chancellor of the University of Nottingham, talks about the work that the university does to improve the educational attainment of local school pupils and to provide information, advice and guidance to pupils, parents and teachers.


Student-athletes at Hamilton College have the opportunity to perform at a high level academically and athletically.


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