Weekly CASE Highlights for 10/3/2014

Check out this week’s advancement news worldwide, the latest CASE news and trending discussions on CASE communities.

Advancement News
Researchers: MOOCs as Effective for Learning as Traditional Courses—Massive open online courses can be as effective to help students learn as face-to-face classes—and the learning outcomes will be equivalent whether or not students have advanced college degrees or something far less than that.

Census Bureau: Enrollment Dropped in 2013—College enrollments dropped for the second straight year in 2013, according to new data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Agency Warns About Decline in Access to Education—Social mobility through education is waning around the world, despite increased access to education, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development warned in a report this month.

100% Tuition-Free – Why Germany Is The Envy Of University Students From Other Countries—Germany may not be in the top 10 ranking of the just released Times Higher Education world university rankings, but insofar as students from other countries as concerned, German universities are number 1 if only because the country is 100 percent tuition-free.

CASE News and Resources
This month’s Advancement Talk is with Mike Petroff, digital content strategist at Harvard University, on how advancement leaders can best manage their time on social media. Hear how much time leaders should spend on channels like Facebook and Twitter. Also, learn some time-wasting behaviors to avoid. (Login required. For CASE premier members only.)

The CASE InfoCenter has created a new Good Question on Student Recruitment, which links to the existing Browse by Professional Interest pages and includes additional resources.

The 2014 CASE ASAP Network and District award winners have been added to the Student Advancement Programs collections in the CASE Samples, Research and Tools section.

CASE Communities-Trending Discussions
Securing Student Thank You Notes to Scholarship Donors
Management of Campus Info Signs
Department structure / resources
Affordable Event Space in Boston

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