Weekly CASE Highlights for 9/5/2014

Check out this week’s advancement news worldwide, the latest CASE news and trending discussions on CASE communities.

Advancement News
A new way of MBA thinking pulls on outside disciplines—Great minds may think alike, but for some MBA programs, different minds can lead to great thinking. That’s why a number of schools are looking outside the MBA box to find ways to diversify and enhance students’ skills — whether it’s engaging in a cross disciplinary project with other institutions, cross-pollinating between faculties, or getting inspiration from international students.

Business Is a Big Draw for International Students in the U.S.—Previous research has shown that international students at American colleges and universities tend to be concentrated in specific areas, such as business and engineering. Now a new report from the Brookings Institution goes deeper in telling us who these students are, which cities they are coming from, and where they end up staying.

Talent analytics – The future for recruiters—In nations around the world, higher education policies and funding schemes are largely predicated on human capital theory: the concept that investments in education (and especially degrees) develop skills that are valued by employers, thus driving occupational attainment and earnings. However, the prevailing view that the economic value of degrees is only related to hard skills and job capabilities misses the nuances of how human resource – HR – executives and hiring managers at global corporations actually interpret and use degrees in the screening and hiring of job candidates.

Advancement Talk
This month’s Advancement Talk is with Nate Jones, director of annual giving at the Georgia Tech Alumni Association, on creating a more dynamic annual fund phonathon. Hear how phonathons can accomplish a lot more than just soliciting donors. Also, learn some creative ways to motivate student callers. (Login required. For CASE premier members only.)

CASE Communities—trending discussions
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