Weekly CASE Highlights for 8/22/2014

Check out this week’s advancement news worldwide, the latest CASE news and trending discussions on CASE communities.

Advancement News
Are International Students Satisfied?—An analysis of satisfaction surveys from 60,000 international students at 48 universities in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia reveals that students are, by and large, satisfied, but that satisfaction levels vary by country of origin and that large proportions of undergraduate international students from a single country can inhibit integration.

ScienceScape startup founded by U of T student helps researchers track findings—Sometimes an invention makes so much sense people wonder why it didn’t already exist. Take the U of T-based startup, ScienceScape.

Reddit, Imgur and Twitch team up as ‘Derp’ for social data research—The alliance will offer data to universities, offering academics access to information to promote cross-platform study.

The Challenges of ‘Higher-Education Emergencies’—One narrative that has driven widespread interest in free online courses known as MOOCs is that they can help educate the world. But critics say that the courses mostly draw students who already hold traditional degrees.

News Releases
CASE Receives Carnegie Corporation Grant to Provide Fundraising Training for African Universities
CASE Board of Trustees Establishes Lippincott Award

Highlights from the CASE 2014 Summit for Leaders in Advancement, held in July in New York City.

CASE Communities—trending discussions
When your feature gets gutted
Live social media feed service

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