Weekly CASE Highlights

CASE is launching a week-in-review blog feature that will highlight select advancement news worldwide, the latest CASE news and newly created member resources. Let us know what you think.

Advancement News

Transforming the campus with car-free pedestrian zones—Hulking campus buildings and parking lots are giving way to sidewalks and greenspaces, contributing to a healthier and more dynamic learning environment.
7 trends in family and institutional higher ed spending—Two reports this week illustrated some interesting facts about the spending activities of families who send students to college, as well as the higher education institutions themselves.
Bill Gates to Help Launch Philanthropy Program at Beijing University—Bill Gates and the China Philanthropy Research Institute are teaming up to teach China’s first generation of millionaires and billionaires how to be effective philanthropists.
Millennials More Generous With Donor-Advised Funds—Millennial donors on average recommend higher grant dollars to charities via donor-advised funds (DAF) than their older counterparts but are also unsure about how to go about giving, according to a new study by Vanguard Charitable.

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