A Briefer, Leaner BriefCASE

At CASE, part of our job is to listen and respond to member questions, update members on CASE events and pay attention to trends in educational advancement. A lot of this advancement news and information goes into our monthly member e-newsletter, BriefCASE.

It’d been a while since we updated the BriefCASE email, and as you can see below, it was time for a change:Old BriefCASE

It was long, text-heavy and no longer fit with our brand standards. To fix that, we did some research and looked at newsletters from other organizations and companies. Ultimately, we decided to focus on the following best practices:

  • Keep the newsletter design simple, with short paragraphs and bold headlines.
  • Use a table of contents and make sure the newsletter is scannable.
  • Be consistent. Decide on a standard number of and format for articles.
  • Decrease amount of text and add more graphics.

This all sounded doable, so after a bit of discussion and deft coding on the part of our web designer, we came up with the new BriefCASE template, which members received in their inboxes earlier this week:


We still have a few kinks to work out, but think it’s a pretty strong improvement. As always, though, we’d like to hear constructive criticism (or unabashed praise) from our members. What do you think?

Going through a similar process with your e-newsletter? Here are a few resources:

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