Creating Infographics: CASE Sample Collection Gathers Ideas and Resources

Sarah Raezler (@sraezler) is a information resource specialist at CASE.

In light of CASE’s recent Twitter chat on metrics and analytics, I want to highlight the collection of infographics and infographic resources curated by the CASE InfoCenter as a member resource.

We’ve seen infographics show up in increasing numbers and as frequent topics of discussion on Twitter and in the blogosphere. Our goal when creating this collection was to highlight the possibility of infographic use specifically in advancement.

The collection has three sections:

  • Tools you can use to generate an infographic without needing a graphic design or programming background,
  • Articles covering the basics of definitions, how-tos and best practices around creating infographics,
  • A sample collection of infographics used by colleges and universities.

I’ve never had as much fun building a CASE sample collection as I did with this one. There’s a lot of content here that I hope will inspire. Infographics can be a powerful tool to present data in a compelling fashion and help institutions engage in visual storytelling.

The range of the sample collection can be seen in:

Do you have a favorite advancement-focused infographic or resource? Share it in the comments.

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