Top 10 Quotes from the Social Media Conference

Jen Doak is the online communications specialist at CASE.

The Social Media and Community Conference, held April 12-15 in San Francisco, generated a flurry of Twitter activity through its hashtag #casesmc11. The energy was amazing, and I could fill pages of great takeaways from the tweet stream, but I’ve managed to find 10 of my favorite tweets from the conference (OK, and some honorable mentions).

The luxury of a blog is that I can easily expand tweets into full words and sentences, but it was a lot harder to put them in order! Drum roll, please:

10. “The $10M question for anyone interested in the future of geosocial: ‘Is geography itself self-expressive?'”— @IanHsu

9. “Unlikely that what we do will lead directly to donations. We create an environment for connections to institutions.” — @blockgreg

8. “Twitter is like a massive piece of fly paper. Put it down and see what sticks.” — @agossen

7. “Technology has created environment where we don’t tell them what’s important: They tell US what’s important.” — @meimeifox

6. “It’s like having the keys to your friend’s house. But with these keys, come responsibility.” — @StanfordAlumni, talking about APIs

5. “Funny: A few years ago it was rude to be looking down at your phone or laptop during a conference. Now it’s almost rude not to.” — @blockgreg

4. “If you don’t pay students you may also exclude high-quality low-income students from being able to work for you. Pizza is not pay!” — @lizallen

3. “[Adam Miller] is recommending polyamory for your social apps: Don’t marry just one.” — @mStonerblog

2. “Not everything you post has to be kittens and rainbows and ice cream sundaes. It’s OK to have controversy.” — @lizallen

1. “What’s the ROI on social media? I don’t know, what’s the ROI on our phone system?” — @alumnifutures

And some honorable mentions:

  • “Setting up a Google Alert doesn’t mean you have a monitoring program.” — @jdlasica, via @agossen
  • “In the 80s, we passed notes in class. Now we have Twitter hashtags.” — @dcassoff
  • “I would love to be at #casesmc11, but will have to settle for living tweet-cariously.” — @amynd
  • “I like to think that my social media tot is four and wearing a green jumper with buttons.” — @plautmaayan
  • “I will never forget u, #casesmc11. Stay sweet and have a great summer! #yearbook” — @Scooteur

What were your favorite takeaways, comments, questions or witticisms from the conference? And don’t worry: If you didn’t attend the conference, were also living tweet-cariously or have a conversation you’re dying to follow up with, the Social Media and Community conference discussion is still going strong at #casesmc.

One response to “Top 10 Quotes from the Social Media Conference

  1. Credit where it’s due: “What’s the ROI on our phone system?” is a quote from a webcast about social media that I heard several years ago – the speaker was Greater IBM’s Ethan McCarty.

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