Beth Kanter Shares Social Media Tips with CURRENTS

Gayle Bennet is deputy editor of CURRENTS magazine.

Recently, I interviewed Beth Kanter for the March issue of CURRENTS, and we had a wide-ranging forty-five minute chat about social media and non-profits.

For those of you who don’t already know of her, Beth makes her living writing, consulting, and presenting about how nonprofits can best use social media to better achieve their missions. She works and collaborates with some major players in both the nonprofit and social media sense: the Red Cross, the National Wildlife Federation, and the Institute of International Education, to name a few.

In the interview, Beth provides concrete examples of social media rights and wrongs and, naturally, provides links for further information on some points. Following are some topics that we discussed that might be of particular interest to alumni and other advancement officers dealing with social media:

  1. How nonprofits have learned to let their advocates outside their organizations help them achieve their missions through social media.
  2. How working with social media tools requires an ability to deal with failure.
  3. How a leader can interact with social media even if he or she hasn’t embraced it personally.

Something to add? You know how to use the comments!

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